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Lakefield Brittanys

Considering a Lakefield Brittany?

Lakefield Brittanys is a CKC registered kennel located in Alberta, Canada. We live on an acreage west of Edmonton where we hunt, train and take pride in carrying on upland traditions and competitions with our Brittanys.

Every dog that comes from Lakefield lines have all been bred with the purpose to complete the task of locating and pointing birds for the upland hunter. What does this mean?

Dogs in my lines have been specifically selected for generation's on their ability to perform one specific job. Meaning the qualities and characteristics to achieve this should be in every puppy we breed.

First off the dog must be naturally athletic. When upland hunting the Brittany will cover ground fast and have the natural endurance to work for hours with no breaks. Unconditioned our dogs could go out multiple days a week and easily run 30 km at an average of 10km/h effortlessly. If we conditioned them they could do this daily and move faster. Walking outside on a leash will stimulate their brain but the best thing to meet exercise requirements is allowing them to run off leash.

They will be preprogrammed to have high prey drive. This is what makes them search for birds. This drive can always be high or it can also start small and build throughout their lives with exposure. Meaning your new puppy or older dog could take off chasing a rabbit any given day. Prey does not just include birds it will be anything the dog wants to eat ie. rabbits, squirrels, mice and even deer. This can make them seem hyper focused and obsessive. Why ecollar training for off leash safety is always recommend.

The Brittany is very intellectual and easy to train. However they are so smart they will often test you to see if it's possible to do something a different way. They are boundary crossers and if you give them an inch often they take a mile. Obedience training is a must and should be kept up throughout their lives.

They are considered versatile because these natural abilities make them excellent at many dog sports. You will however always have to take into account what they have been bred for even if you choose to do nothing more then have an amazing family pet.

To be a stable relaxed dog inside who doesn't look for constant amusement or stimulation you will need to burn off energy outside. I find the easiest way to achieve this is an hour of daily running off leash or play with another dog in an open area so they can wrestle and chase each other. I also enjoy hiking, Bikejoring, Skijoring and mushing with my dogs. On days this is not possible you can give them an enrichment activity or some type of training.  

This pocket rocket of a high drive sporting dog will require a lot more effort on your part to meet its daily needs then many other pet breeds so may not fit into everyone's lifestyle. If you enjoy being outside with your dog and are willing to put in the work a Brittany will in turn love you harder then any dog ever will. You will soon find yourself addicted to their snuggles and calming, goofy personality!

Ashley Tracy   /   Lakefield Brittanys



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